GPS Disciplined Reference Oscillator

Low Jitter Precision GPSDO Reference Oscillator

Precision Frequency Clock for the VNWA 3EC and many other applications

  • Programmable Frequency 450Hz - 800MHz

  • Stability 1 ppb 1E-9 <60 sec Locktime

  • Light and Portable

  • Complete with storage case and GPS Antenna

Manufacturered by Leo Bodnar LTD, the Low-jitter GPS-Locked Precision Frequency Reference Oscillator can be programmed to two output frequencies between 450 Hz up to 800 MHz with a stability of better than 1e-9 (1 part per billion (ppb) within 1 minute after achieving lock to the high accuracy GPS Satellite Network which is controlled by a Caesium Clock with accuracy approaching 1e-12

USB powered, this instrument is the ideal frequency standard for supplying an external reference clock signal to the DG8SAQ Vector Network Analyzer to make Frequency and Frequency Difference measurements with accuracy  approaching 1e-10 and frequency  measurements (dF) in the mHz (milli Hertz) and even down to the uHz (micro Hertz) region.

Light and portable, the  Precision GPSDO Reference Oscillator can be used as an Universal Reference  Clock for most other Instruments and Applications which up to now would require a bulky and expensive Rubidium Clock.

  • Two synchronised low-jitter reference clocks locked to GPS signal, Digital PLL allows main output reference frequency to have almost any value between 450Hz and 800MHz.

  • Two outputs can be individually enabled and set to different frequencies. Second output frequency depends on the first output. If both outputs have the same frequency their relative shift can be adjusted. This can be used, for example, to generate two signals with 90° phase shift for use in I/Q mixer.

  • Both output signals are at 3.3V CMOS levels with 50 Ohms characteristic impedance. Their output drive levels can be adjusted.

    Output power level (measured at 10MHz, fundamental power channel):
    +13.3dBm, drive setting 32mA
    +12.7dBm, drive setting 24mA
    +11.4dBm, drive setting 16mA
    +7.7dBm, drive setting

    • Short term signal quality is defined by internal 0.5 ppm TCXO clock source providing high-quality, low phase noise clock signal with sub-picosecond RMS jitter
    • USB Powered or +5V External PSU.  Current drawn:  Max: 0.27 Amp

    How to make high accurate precision frequency with the VNWA Thanks to Kurt Poulsen for preparing this report and sharing his expertise.

    How to set up the GPSDO as an External Clock Reference for the VNWA 3EC:  Guide to setting up GPSDO as external reference clock, instead of  internal VNWA TCXO when taking VNWA measurements.




          -Precision GPSDO Module (100mm x 60mm x 27mm 0.13 kg)

            -GPS Magnetic Antenna with 3m Coax Cable and fitted SMA male plug

              -Plastic Storage Case (230mm x 190mm x 40mm 0.53 kg)

                -12 month Mfg Warranty

                  -Mfg Product Support information



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              Also available from our Authorised Distributor for Japan: ICAS Enterprises 

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