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Low Cost 1.3 GHz DG8SAQ Vector Network Analyzer®

SDR-Kits® 4 pc Calibration Kit of Rosenberger HochFrequenz GmbH SMA Parts or 4 pc Amphenol Connex Cal Kit
available with VNWA 3E or VNWA 3 in Presentation Case.

Introducing the VNWA 3 and VNWA 3E - Fully Assembled and Tested

SDR-Kits® VNWA 3 or 3E - shown with standard 3 pcs Amphenol  SOL Calibration Kit   © SDR-Kits®

The DG8SAQ VNWA 3 and VNWA 3E Low Cost Vector 1.3 GHz Network Analyzer

Covering 1 kHz to 1.3 GHz and powered from a PC USB-bus, the VNWA3 offers a dynamic range of
90dB up to 500 MHz and better than 50dB above 500 MHz.

Supporting the same functionality as its predecessors, the VNWA 3 offers:

VNWA 3 Automatic Installer

VNWA 3 comes with a VNWA Installer Package to get the new VNWA up and running with
minimum of delay. The installer is downloaded from the SDR-Kits website to ensure the latest VNWA
software and Helpfile are installed at all times.

The installer supports Windows 8, Windows 7 & Vista (64 and 32 bit OS) as well as Windows XP Operating Systems.

VNWA 3E Expansion board - Optional USB Codec and External connectivity

The VNWA 3E is the VNWA 3 but factory fitted with an Expansion Board.

With the Expansion board fitted, the VNWA 3E offers following benefits:

The Expansion board may be fitted retrospectively by VNWA 3 users with some electronic assembly
skills and offers:
For details please see the following document:

VNWA 3 Expansion Board Manual: http://sdr-kits.net/VNWA/VNWA_3_Expansion_board.pd

DG8SAQ VNWA 3 & 3E Specification

VNWA 3 3E in the box

VNWA 3 3E Options

SDR-Kits® VNWA 3 - shown in optional Presentation Case with Calibration Kit © SDR-Kits®
(VNWA with Presentation Cases shipped after 1st August 2012 include a 4 pc SMA Cal kit)

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction has been a very big priority for us since VNWA was first launched in 2008!!

Download and try out the DG8SAQ VNWA Software first before ordering. The VNWA software will start up without
the VNWA hardware connected. This allows you to check-out the VNWA features and functionality and assess whether
a purchase will meet your expectations.

Every effort is made to make the VNWA easy and intuitive to use for new owners, but be prepared to "invest some time"
to get familiar with the many uses and options of the VNWA 3 or 3E!!

Take a look at the latest version of the 600+ page VNWA PDF helpfile

Ongoing support of all our VNWA Customers

General Software updates for the VNWA 3 and the VNWA 3E are made available to introduce new Features. The same
Software release is used to add new functionality to the VNWA 3 but also to the older VNWA 2.x if this can be supported
by the VNWA 2.x hardware.   1
2 Month  warranty support for VNWA hardware (parts and Labour) is standard.
In addition there is an active
VNWA User group with 2500 members which is supported by Tom Baier, the VNWA Designer and other VNWA Experts where VNWA users can share their experiences and obtain advice.

VNWA Orders:

Please use the SDR-Kits Webshop when placing orders and make payment via Paypal. Pricing is in GBP
(UK Pound Sterling). Payment - Paypal accepts most payment methods, including cheque payments, credit cards or via
bank transfer. You can pay Paypal in your own currency. Paypal's exchange rates are considered reasonable compared
to banktransfer. You  do not need to open an account on Paypal to make payment using a credit card!

The SDR-Kits Webshop offers the option to request a Proforma invoice in GBP or Euros for payment via Bank transfer. (This takes a little Longer).

EEC Company Orders are supplied without UK Tax by entering a valid VAT number in the Webshop Order
and submitting a Company Purchase Order. Orders to Countries outside the EEC are tax-free, however any local
Import duties and/or taxes for Customer's own account.

VNWA 3 & 3E Pricing - All pricing in GBP (UK Pound sterling)


VNWA 3 with USB Cable + 3 pcs Cal kit

VNWA 3, in   Presention
case and 4 pcs Calibration kit

VNWA 3E with      USB Cable +
3 pcs Cal Kit   

VNWA 3E, in Presention
case and 4 pcs Amphenol Connex Calibration kit

United Kingdom
incl 20% UK VAT TAX

£ 422.40 + Shipping

£ 471.60 + Shipping

£ 496.80 + Shipping

£ 538.80 + Shipping

Other EEC
Countries incl 20%

£ 422.40 = approx.  485 EU + Shipping

£ 471.60  approx.
542 EU +Shipping

£ 496.80 =  approx.
571 EU + Shipping

£ 538.80 =  approx.
620 EU + Shipping

Rest of the World
Tax free
Non-EEC countries

£ 352.00 = approx. US$ 440 + Shipping

£ 393.00 approx.
US$ 491 + Shipping

£ 414.00 = approx. US$ 518 + Shipping

£ 449.00 = approx.
US$ 561 + Shipping

Note, the price of the VNWA3E supplied in Presentiation Case with SDR-Kits Calibration kit with Rosenberger GMBH parts is GBP 475.00 + UK VAT + shipping   (approx 570 Euro = approx US$  593

          Prices are subject to change without notice

(Exchange rate indication 15 October 2016: 1 (GBP) = US $1.25 = 1.15 (Euro)

Visit the SDR-Kits Webshop for Current prices and easy ordering

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Link to VNWA Software Page and Documentation Page

VNWA Presentation: - You Tube - Video Presentation by Tom Baier at Hamradio 2012 in Germany
Click on the link below to see a 30 minutes duration Video presentation on new VNWA Features in English Language.

The Video starts with an introduction from the SDR-Kits stand where you meet Tom Baier, DG8SAQ, the VNWA Designer and Jan Verduyn G0BBL of SDR-Kits

The Video then shows the full VNWA Classroom Presentation - Thanks to Kurt Poulsen - OZ7OU who produced this

VNWA Review:  The VNWA has been reviewed in many publications. 
Click here to see the review in RadCom, the journal of RSGB in the UK

This article is copyright of the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) and was originally published in their magazine RadCom.  It is reproduced here with their kind permission.  Please visit www.rsgb.org for more information about the RSGB.

SDR-Kits Authorized Distributors for DG8SAQ VNWA

Important - Warning: DG8SAQ VNWA 3 and 3E are only sold via following 3 Authorized Distributors. DG8SAQ VNWAs offered from other Commercial Sources are NOT Supplied by SDR-Kits® and are therefore NOT supported by SDR-Kits® or by SDR-Kits® Authorised Distributors.

ICAS Enterprises is the SDR-Kits Authorized Distributor of the DG8SAQ VNWA for Japan:

DARC Verlag is the SDR-Kits® Authorized Distributor of the DG8SAQ VNWA for Germany.
DARC attends several Radio Rallies in Germany including the 2017 Ham Radio event held at Friedrichshafen Messe.

www.darcverlag.de E-Mail: verlag@darcverlag.de

DARC Verlag GmbH
Lindenallee 6
34225 Baunatal

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