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VNWA 3 Software Downloads

General Software updates for the VNWA 3 and the VNWA 3E are made available several times a year, and announced on the DG8SAQ VNWA Forum

VNWA Installer.exe This is the link to the current General VNWA Release for the VNWA 3, 3E & also the VNWA 2. The installer includes helpfile, drivers, and firmware for Microsoft Windows 10, 8.1 and Windows 7 32 bits and 64 bits versions. To check whether the downloaded VNWA-installer.exe file is genuine and not corrupted, obtain and compare the MD5, SHA1 and SHA256 hash values with the values shown on this Link. The SHA1 hash can be obtained by executing the following command in a Windows shell on the downloaded file: certutil -hashfile VNWA-installer.exe SHA1. Please note that the VNWA-installer.exe has been submitted to 'Virus Total' and passed. You can submit the file yourself or download this report dated 21 June 2017.

VersionInfo.txt Provides Version info on the current General Release software above and also on VNWA beta (pre-release) software

VNWA 3-3E Firmware Upgrade Procedure Link to information on VNWA 3 3E firmware upgrade to V 5.22  

VNWA Linux Installation This is the link to download the current VNWA Linux Package

Viewhlp Viewer Link to download optional Viewer to display VNWA Helpfiles (required in event the Microsoft Winhlp32 Viewer is not available in some recent Microsoft Operating System installations). With thanks to Alan Rowe M0PUB who published Viewhlp under GPL -  Link for downloading Viewhlp Sourcecode

Installation Manuals & Help Files


Windows 10, 8.1-8 and Win 7 /Vista VNWA 3 - 3E Installation Manual pdf 'Getting Started Manual' for Release 36.7.2 onward - 
This is the same information as in the printed manual shipped with all new VNWAs after 15 February 2018.

VNWA Sound Devices error after Windows10 Upgrade Since October 2017 Microsoft has started to upgrade the Windows 10 Operating Systems on Windows Computers Worldwide to new feature release 1703 Creative. A number of VNWA users have found that one or both USB Codecs are no longer visible after starting the VNWA Application and the VNWA fails to operate. The reported error is “No VNWA sound devices detected".  This error occurs because the Win10 upgrade disables the USB Codecs. Download this Bulletin which shows how to re-enable the USB Codec Sound devices after the upgrade

VNWA 36.7.x  Upgrade Bulletin for VNWA Upgrade, configuration and Calibration and other Information.

VNWA_Help.pdf VNWA 670 page Help File Documentation in pdf format - English Language . Published May 2017   -
This is a pdf version of the VNWA helpfile which is accessable within the VNWA Application.

The following Application notes cover the two basic VNWA measurements - both are included from the VNWA Helpfile

1. VNWA One Port Measurements (TX Port only step by step example of antenna)

2. VNWA Two Port Measurements (TX and RX port step by step example of filter)


Windows 7 & XP VNWA 3 - 3E installation Manual pdf 'Getting Started Manual' v2.01 Issue, as supplied with VNWA 3 and 3E up to 30 September 2014.

VNWA2 Installation Manual pdf 'Getting Started Manual' for previous model VNWA for W7, XP & Vista.

Tutorials & Links

Video tutorials by Kurt Poulsen OZ7OU aimed at new VNWA users:

First time Installations VNWA software (duration 7min)

First time start VNWA Software (duration 12 mins)

First time VNWA Calibration (duration 16 mins)

Video tutorial:  SDR-Kits Demo using 8 inch Windows 8.1 Bing Tablet with the DG8SAQ 1.3 GHz Vector Network Analyzer

Link to VNA Tutorials - by Fred Schneider PA4TIM: A Beginners' Guide in 8 Chapters. - thanks Fred!!

VNWA DG8SAQ Designer

Visit Tom Baier's Website for additional information on the DG8SAQ VNWA project.

Download Tom's VNWA article in Jan/Feb 2009 QEX published by the ARRL

Documentation in Other Languages

VNWA Dokumentation in Deutsche Sprache

Neu! VNWA3/3E "Getting Started Manual" für Windows 10, Windows 8.18 & Windows 7 
für die Freigabe VNWA 36.7.x aufwärts und zeigt "VNWA ans Laufen bringen"

VNWA Hilfe

Vielen Dank an Manfred Zillmer DG3OK für diese VNWA Informationen auf Deutsch zu übersetzen!

Einsteiger Buch "Messen mit dem Vektor-Netzwerkanalysator VNWA" von Gerfried Palme. Kaufen von FunkAmateur

    Fortgeschritten Buch "Messen mit dem Vektor-Netzwerkanalysator VNWA Band 2" von Gerfried Palme. Derzeit ist VNWA Band 2 nur in deutscher Sprache dieses deutschen Verkäufers erhältlich: FunkAmateur und Darc Verlag

    VNWA Kalibration   Mit dank am Fred Schneider - (Dec 2012)

      USB VIEW Und VNWA Infos (OZ7OU)

      Documentation Manuale Italiano

      DG8SAQ VNWA V36.2.6 Manuale PDF en Italiano 2013 Molto Grazie a Fede IK2TYP per questa traduzione

        Documentacion en Espanol

        VNWA 3 Installation Documentacion (VNWA 3 Getting Started Guide 2010)

        Calibracion del VNWA 3 (Section from VNWA Helpfile 2010)

        Muchos Gracias a Jose Antionio EA7BIA

        Caution: The information in the older translations may be out of date or superceded. If in doubt consult the latest English language files

          Video presentation by Tom Baier DG8SAQ

          Workshop Presentation by VNWA Designer on updated VNWA features

          With an introduction from SDR Kits' stand by Jan Verduyn G5BBL of SDR Kits

          Thanks to Kurt Poulsen OZ7OU who produced this video

          VNWA Book

          Suggested Products

          VNWA Testboard Kit (Includes Test Components)

          VNWA Testboard Kit (Includes Test Components)

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          Indicative prices in EURO:
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          Indicative prices in USD $24.48

          SMA 8mm/.315" Torque Wrench 8mm 0.45Nm (SMA Drehmomentschluessel)

          SMA 8mm/.315" Torque Wrench 8mm 0.45Nm (SMA Drehmomentschluessel)

          £83.50 incl VAT: £100.20

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